How to get to Calpe

The little city of Calpe is located at the Costa Blanca between Valencia and Alicante. The nearest airport is in Alicante about 70 km from Calpe. The quickest way to get there is by taking the highway in the direction of Alicante, which leads you near the cities at the Costa Blanca and through the mountains. If you want to see more of the environment and have a little time to spare you can also take the freeway from Alicante, which leads you through all the small cities located at the beach of Costa Blanca until you reach Calpe.

The City

Calpe has nearly 25.000 residents in the wintertime and in the summertime this sum increases up to 200.000 with all the tourists spending their vacation here. This city has the large sandy beaches, with the Piñon Ifach (the smallest protected landscape in Spain, a lime rock up to 332 m. high) and is near to many little cities you can visit. The micro climate is very pleasant for Youngs and Olds, therefor a lot of Europeans decide to move to this beautiful city and to live here the whole year since in wintertime it is never really cold and in summertime not too hot.

Holiday in Calpe

Spain in general has a lot to offer for every visitor. You can have a lovely summer holiday at the beach or plan a biking trip, do mountain climbing, hiking, go for diving, rent a boat, do some sightseeing, play golf, visit Museums, do shopping tours, party at night and of course get very good food where ever you go.

Where to stay in Calpe

Many visitors decide to stay in a hotel near the beach, others decide for an apartment or a private villa with a swimming pool. At the Costa Blanca and especially in Calpe you can find a lot of nice private villas for an extraordinary holiday with your family and your friends. In a relaxing ambience you can enjoy the good weather and have a wonderful vacation. We would be very pleased to have you as our guests in our Villa and to welcome you to Villa Scina .