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Peñón de Ifach

General information

The Peñón de Ifach is the symbol of the Costa Blanca. It is a 50,000 m2 limestone that proudly stands at 332 meters at the head of Calpe. The rock is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus, it is the result of a landslide of the nearby Sierra de Oltà. The rock has a surface area of 45 hectares. This makes the the Peñón de Ifach one of the most unique and beautiful landforms on the entire Mediterranean coast.


Peñón de Ifach had several purposes throughout the history. There are many findings that confirm that there was a village at the foot of the rock. This village dates back to 4centuries before Christ. Much later, in the roman times their settlement moved to the isthmus. This phenomenon joined  the rock to the mainland.

Walking up the Peñón de Ifach

Nowadays the Peñón de Ifach is one of the most visited natural parks in the Valencian community and is a meeting place for scuba divers, climbers and hikers. The walk up the rock can be accomplished by following a path called the Red Route. You have to start the walk at the information centre. During the climb you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view over Calpe. There are several designed areas that keeps the hikers interested during the climb.
If you want to climb the rock, it is adviced to avoid the midday heat of the summer. You can either walk the path in the morning or evening. Besides the hiking there are also sport routes. For this climb you need to be well geared and use a helmet, because there are many loose rocks.
Come and the climb with your family and friends. After the climbs you can relax in Villa Scina or Villa Las Rosas.

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